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We present the Neutrino F5J - new ultra light competition F5J glider 3.95 m wingspan!


The wing of the Neutrino F5J consists of 4 parts, the fuselage consists of 2 parts, which greatly simplifies its transportation. The longest part is the wing tip has a length of 1120 mm.

The wing Neutrino has serie of airfoils DI8120...820 specially designed for ultra light F5J gliders. It has thickness changing from 6.9% on the root to 5.0% on the tip, that much thinner than airfoils for F3J that are used for F5J early. This airfoils has great performance in wide speed range due to special geometry and the explicit reaction to the change of the flaps position depending on the flight mode.


Soon it will be possible to order the assembly works Neutrino F5J with the installation of equipment and electronics by following the link.

Neutrino F5J

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  • The wing and tails made by solid core technology from PMI foam (Rohacell core). Neutrino is available in two versions.

    Standard version has about 1350 g flying weight. Its wing made from checkered carbon fabric 62 g/m. Standard version can be used with ballast.

    Light version has flying weight from 1150 g. In this version wing made from spread carbon 28 g/m2 and has less rigid spar. Light version is not recomended for using with ballast.

    EXTREME version has flying weight from 1700 g. This version has a lot of reinforsment and especially makes for full power aerobatic. It can be used in GPS Light competition.

  • Production time for Neutrino F5J at the moment is about 45...60 days after payment. The production time may be changed due to the unstable situation with COVID-19. You can clarify the production time immediately before ordering by contacting us.